About STEMfire

STEMfire is a collaborative effort between the Metroplex Technology Business Council and The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at the The University of Texas at Dallas. The website was developed as the Senior Capstone project by a UT Dallas Design Team. STEMfire allows STEM educators to question, connect and build relationships with STEM professionals and technology companies. STEMfire is also a way to keep students inspired about science, technology, engineering and math.

About Metroplex Technology Business Council

The Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC) strengthens the North Texas' technology community and its reputation by acting as the innovation hub for entrepreneurs, universities and corporations. The MTBC continues to prove that "technology lives here" by growing future tech leaders with its talent and workforce development initiative, advocating technology's advancement in governmental arenas, and connecting people and inspiring ideas through its programs and special interest groups. The MTBC is the largest technology trade association in Texas, representing a quarter million employees through its 300 member companies. More information about MTBC and its annual Tech Titans awards gala can be found at www.metroplextbc.org.

About the MTBC STEM Effort

The primary objective of the MTBC in STEM education is to facilitate the technology community's sustainable impact on building an emerging workforce through strategies that enhance STEM education. The four strategic priorities of the MTBC Talent Team are:

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    Defining pathways to careers that involve STEM as a foundation (16 federal industry clusters).
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    Developing a marketing strategy for STEM that can be adopted by ISDs, higher education entities and industry.
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    Establishing relationships and connections between companies and ISDs to increase volunteerism by STEM professionals.
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    Building coalitions with legislators, educators and industry that advance STEM Education.

For more information about the MTBC STEM initiatives, to volunteer, or to join the MTBC STEM Team email Pam Krause ([email protected]) or call 972-792-2859.