Help high school girls LEARN how they can change the world like you are doing every day! We need your help this summer during Design Connect Create summer physics camps to talk with rising young women about the exciting work you do, your STEM career path and what you would recommend for high school girls to consider as they launch their STEM careers. Design Connect Create physics camps for young women have been in Dallas since 2003. Our main mission is to help close the gender gap in STEM and promote STEM equity. Help our young women make the connection between the classroom and real world career applications. We are looking for professionals in science, engineering, IT/computer science and finance/math related professions to help engage and inspire high school girls interested in these subjects and careers. They are very eager to learn what kinds of important problems STEM professionals work on and how you are making the world a better place! • Lots of speaking options with 9 sessions in June and July • Comfortable, casual, interactive presentation • 45 minutes, including 10-15 minutes for Q&A is all we request • Show & tell or STEM activities are welcome Please scroll down the Volunteer page to see all the opportunities and request your preferred date & location. Speakers will receive a confirmation once they are assigned.


We need female STEM Speakers for 1 hour slots in June & July at 7 DFW locations for high school girls interested in STEM careers. For specific dates & times, please visit our website.



June 6 12:00 pm July 28 12:00 pm


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