I have 12 awesome students in my Engineering Design and Development class who want to become engineers and are working on 3 projects. We are trying to expand our professional engineering panel to give them an authentic engineering experience. In this yearlong class students use an engineering design process to choose a problem to solve, then proceed to design, develop and test a prototype. The students will then present their final work to a panel of local engineers one evening in May. We are looking for engineers to be on a review panel to hear their presentation and provide feedback. There are 4 major milestones in this course and I am inviting engineers to volunteer to be a member of our final project panel in May and hopefully participate next year in the 2 earlier reviews during the school day. The approximate dates of these reviews at Plano Senior High are: •Around Oct. 12 11:00-noon Project Proposal •Dec. 18 9-11am Preliminary Design Review •One evening between May 21-31 from 7-9pm Final Project Presentation


We are looking for degreed engineers . We have 2 girls in the class this year so I would love to see women engineers on our panel. Also we have a particular desire for a mechanical engineer, but will appreciate all specialities and genders.


Mentor Judge

May 24 5:30 pm 8:00 pm


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2200 Independence Parkway
Plano, TX