UPDATE: It looks like we have enough volunteer speakers for the April 6 3PM session, however there may be other conference sessions that are open (various times from April 5-7). To inquire about other sessions please email [email protected] or submit an abstract at _______________________________________________________________ The 98th Annual Meeting for the Texas Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) will be held April 5-7, 2018 at El Centro College in Dallas, TX. We are seeking speakers (4-6 total) for the first ever STEM breakout session on April 6 where presenters will have an opportunity to discuss how they apply mathematical concepts in their work in science and technology. Presentations do not need to be math intensive as we’re just hoping to expose conference attendees to exciting work in broad areas in a variety of STEM careers. More info about the session is below: 98th Annual Meeting of the MAA Texas Section (April 5-7, 2018) STEM Breakout Session- Friday April 6 3PM-5PM El Centro College (room TBD) 801 Main St. Dallas, TX 75202 Each speaker will have about 30 minutes to give a summary of their work, including a simple discussion of the application of mathematical concepts. Audience will be a mix of undergraduate students, math faculty from Texas Community Colleges and Universities, and math graduate students.


Interested volunteer presenters can submit a brief abstract to be included in the conference materials to [email protected], preferably by March 9. Information to include: the speakers Name, Job Title, Institution/Employer, title of talk, and a short description of the presentation. Presenters will need to bring any electronic presentation materials on a flash drive. Computer and projector will be provided. Registration to the conference is not required for speakers in this session.



April 6 3:00 pm 5:15 pm


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