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Do you remember who inspired you to go into a STEM field? We can help you be that for the next generation. If you have a few hours to spare, there's a student who could use your time. Select your areas of expertise and the jobs you'd be willing to volunteer for, and we'll find teachers who could use your help. You also have the ability to search for individual educators who could benefit from your time.

  • Speak at a Career Day
  • Consult on a special project or topic
  • Judge at the Science Fair
  • ...and many more opportunities!

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Need a STEM professional for your class?

If you have a creative idea of how to get a STEM professional involved, we can help match you with a well-qualified candidate. You just need to specify your targeted subjects of interest and the kind of job you'd like the volunteer to assist with, and we'll pair you up with local experts in the industry. You can also search our database directly for a professional who matches your exact needs.

  • Get advice for a science project
  • Request a presentation for your class
  • Plan a technology field trip
  • ...and many more possibilities!

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